Program Overview – 2022

2022 Program Descriptions

In 2019 the OLA removed all boundaries for players wishing to play House League Lacrosse. Players are free to play at any center that they choose.

Players who wish to play lacrosse at a rep level need to verify they reside with our boundaries. Upon registering for a program, the residential address will be confirmed by the registrar to ensure players play at their appropriate center. Contact for further details.

UMLA is a proponent of the Athlete Development Model as laid out by the CLA and US Lacrosse.

Next Level Lacrosse is back for the 2022 season!

About Next Level Lacrosse: Founded by Adam Gardner in 2013 to enter the market with cutting edge player development focused on providing the tools for all players to take their game to the Next Level. Specializing in position specific and specialty training, individual and small group, organization and team training, Learn to Play programing and coaching services for players beginner to pro.

Next Level Lacrosse has designed and developed the highest quality program to best cater to the growth and evolution of lacrosse and its participants in a fun and energetic environment.


Below are descriptions of the programs that will be run for 2022. These programs will be for players of all skill levels wishing to play House League Lacrosse.

The House League season is set to begin May 10th at Uxbridge Arena, May 17th at Uxbridge Arena and the remaining 6 weeks will be outdoors at the Fields of Uxbridge.

Softlax (players aged 3-4)

This program is an introduction to sports and in particular lacrosse. This program will demonstrate and reinforce the core skills of sport and lacrosse using a lot of play based methodology.

There are no traditional games at this age, but rather the opportunity to have fun during the programming time.

There is no contact or stick checking at this age.


Paperweight (players aged 5-6)

This program builds on the core skills of passing, catching and scooping.

Sessions will be split between skills sessions and informal games. These games will be 3 versus 3 or 4 v 4 cross floor similar to the initiation level of hockey.


U9 (players aged 7-8) & U11 (players aged 9-10)

This program builds on the core skills of passing, catching and scooping and will introduce positional play.

Sessions will be split between skills sessions, informal games transitioning into formal games. Initially, these games will be 3 versus 3 cross floor similar to the initiation level of hockey. As the level of skill is sufficient we will go to an extended floor 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 with goalies for the latter part of the program.

Games will be stick check only, no body contact or cross checking.

The outdoor sessions will begin to introduce the field game to the children. As the skills progress we will look to modify the structure of the games.

U13 (players aged 11-12) & U15 (Players aged 13-14) & U17 (players aged 15-16)

We are taking registrations for these age groups and plan to run a programs appropriate to the skills of these age groups. If there are sufficient numbers, we will introduce a program suitable for players at these age groups. This program will build on catching, passing, offensive and defensive positional play and game play strategies.

If there are insufficient numbers to run a program then we will do our best to assist players to their next closest center to participate.