Lacrosse Equipment Requirements

Box Lacrosse and Field Lacrosse have different rules regarding required Equipment. The below links outline equipment requirements specified by the OLA (Ontario Lacrosse Association). For players in the Tyke and up age groups, it is recommended that players come equipped as outlined in the Box and/or Field Guide.

Box Lacrosse Equipment Guide

Field Lacrosse Equipment Guide

For new players just getting started out in our Softlax/Peanut program or our Paperweight program, full equipment is not a requirement. The following is the minimum equipment recommended for players at these beginning age groups in House League:

  • Helmet – CSA approved helmet with full facemask is mandatory. Hockey helmets are approved for playing lacrosse
  • Shoulder pads – hockey shoulder pads are suitable for play at the beginning age levels
  • kidney protectors – not a requirement at beginner age levels or at house league level where there is no contact
  • Jock/Jill Athletic Support Cup – not a requirement but recommended
  • Mouth Guard – required as it assists with the prevention of concussions in athletes
  • Lacrosse Shoes – suitable indoor running shoe
  • Gloves – hockey gloves are suitable, lacrosse gloves differ from hockey gloves by being lighter and cooler to wear
  • Arm & Elbow Guards – hockey elbow pads are suitable at the younger age groups, as players progress, lacrosse arm guards are recommended as more protection is provided than the hockey elbow pads
  • Lacrosse Stick – Peewee and under aged players stick length is to be 34″-46″